Strong beginning 2017

Hi All:

I have not blogged for a while because I was recovering from snow. That's right snow!  We had soooooo much snow it was unbelievable. We shoveled and shoveled and then some. Finally a Good Samaritan came in and completely plowed us out. We had to recover.  While having to stay home most of the time. I did a bit of advertising for my Real Estate business and enjoyed some good success. I now have a bunch of new listings and new clients, that keep me busy. Check out my new listings. Check out my photographs of these properties. Rural properties my favorites. Love love just love putting around for a couple of hours on these properties and shoot some pictures.  I try to do them different from others so they stand out. That is what you want in sales rigtht? Stand out. Check out the new picture of Sycamore Canyon on my home page. 

Shallow Wells

Moisture Moisture and more moisture.  

We have had more moisture than I have seen in the winter in a loooong time.  Our well is feeling it too. The movement of the water in the aquifer has stirred up the sediment. Similar what happens when you put your foot in a lake.  Cloudy water.  Yup "gold" water coming out of the faucet. No filter that I know of filters out all the raw sediments. As fast as it comes, that is how fast it goes away, only a couple of days.  Drinking bottled water for a few days. Can still shower in it, unless the bacterial content gets too high. I am having our water tested for bacterial content. No results yet

Rain, Rain,

Good Afternoon Friends,

I was in Flagstaff this morning and boy it was just empty. No NAU students, no elementary or high schoolers around. This reminded me of what Flagstaff used to be like when I first moved here from Los Angeles in 1990. This town has sure added a lot of residents. Living in Parks, I remember it was unusual to see more than 2 cars drive by our house per week, but now I see 5 cars per 30 minutes. It has grown so much. So many people wanting to live the life style of the outdoors' man and hunter or hiker.  I am grateful to have lived here and been able to hike to no end. I hope you all enjoy our outdoorsy life style as well. 

Happy Winter Friends

Good Morning Friends,

Today is the first day of winter. The shortest day of the year. This is is my favorite day of the year. Better than any other day. Why? Because after today the days will grow longer again. Today daylight is 4 hours and 26 minutes shorter than June 21. If you are a cool weather morning hiker like me you'll appreciate the fact that in about 45 days I am hiking in the sunrise again. Yahooo. Kick some butt today as this day is not going to come again until 365 days from now. Do you know where you will be next year on this day? May be in a new home hey!

New Year New Home Campaign

Hello Friends,

I am officially starting my New Year New Home campaign right after Christmas. Please be on the look out. Whether you are a First Time Home  Buyer and using a GRANT for your down payment, or if you want to list your house or want to buy a second home in Parks, Williams or Flagstaff, or even Phoenix, please call me to help you. I am working with a network of good people to get this done. 2016 was a successful year for my First Time Home Buyers, my lender Joseph King and I put several First Time Home Buyers in a new home. It was so excited to see a single mom get her keys and then the young couple with the baby who live with her mom. It is just priceless and so moving to see them go into the next phase of their lives. 

First Time Homebuyers

Hey all! I want to tell young people about First Time Home buying in Arizona. Most young people get stuck in the "rent rut". This leaves many people unable to save up a substantial down payment for a new home.  Well now there is something to help you out. A HOME PLUS grant.  This program is from the State of Arizona. This grant does not need to be paid back, therefore, you have instant equity in your new home. Call me at 928-607-0335 or check out my website at


"Finding a home without a REALTOR®

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  • REALTORS® place your home in multiple listing services
  • REALTORS® show your home whether you are in or not
  • REALTORS® are the source of the most complete and up-to-date information on market availability, including homes listed by another REALTOR® saves valuable time.
  • REALTORS® assist in determining what a purchaser can afford as well as available financing options.
  • REALTORS® assist in finding the home which best meets a purchaser's needs, from size and style to features and location as well as accessibility to desired amenities.
  • REALTORS®can provide information to better inform a purchaser which property to buy, from real estate values to taxes, municipal services to utility costs.
  • REALTORS®can be objective about a property and point out disadvantages, as they have no emotional ties.
  • REALTORS® will negotiate offers and counter offers on your behalf with the Seller until an agreement has been made and will guide you through the loan and escrow process.
  • REALTORS® will determine "Fair" market value establishing a fair sales price.

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